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Iassist Rockhampton

Computer support! iAssist is your first choice for professional fast support. Central Queensland's largest technology center.

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174 Musgrave St, Berserker QLD 4701
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We deliver a range of services from bookkeeping through to indepth analysis and network setups. As a result we are the obvious choice for Central Queensland small to medium sized businesses.

iAssist are proud to have 2 Certified Consultants on staff that together with our bookkeepers and Registered Bas Agent, therefore we can offer a complete service from within our organisation.

Our MYOB Certified Consultant provides business solutions and services designed to deliver optimum performance to your business. These services help you to be more productive and able to deliver quality services to your clients.

Our consultants have practice and business experience, as well as a comprehensive understanding of MYOB software and its use in service organisations. Our consultants will work with you to make sure you get the best, most productive solutions for your business.

Get the best from your people and your technology

MYOB Consulting services are designed to increase your practice productivity and profitability – and add value to your business. They will work with you to implement the most effective workflows and get the best from your software.

Optimise workflows and productivity

MYOB software can be configured to meet your needs. Our consultants will help you harness the power of your software. At every stage we’ll ensure your system saves you time and maximises productivity.

Create high value reports

Create valuable client reports that contain useful information and look great. With a little expertise it takes only a few seconds to produce professional reports – so you can provide high value services with minimum time and cost.

Use security

Security is an important aspect for any practice, and with MYOB software you can ensure your practice is protected.

Our consultants will help you set up appropriate security for your practice to make sure only appropriate people have access to relevant areas.

Improve integration with other software

The information in your MYOB system can be used with other software, such as Microsoft Office. We can show you how to use mail merges and other techniques to make the most of the information in your system.

Special Offer

Our team understand the unique needs required by regional businesses. Toolbox meetings are held several times a week to formulate solutions for our clients. Our 3 departments work together giving us the ability to see outside the box. We can offer you the big picture. We are certified partners with Microsoft, Amazon, Xero, MYOB, HP, Lenovo and many more of the big industry leaders. Through these relationships we remain at the leading edge of the game making us the perfect choice for all you technology needs.