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Kurt just met his idol Kurt Fearnley


Living up here in the tropics we get to some special things.

This week our mate Cooper Whitestyles had one of those special moments, where he met a true legend. Kurt Fearnley.

As Cooper says the meeting has now changed his life. 

"Well today could have just been the highlight of my 2018, I got to meet the one and only Kurt Fearnley tonight and all I can say is HOLY!! Kurt You are truly and inspiration to everybody around the world!! The way you are making a difference to the world is UNBELIEVABLE!, Your Speech was amazing!!! , I’ve been trying to find myself lately with sense of direction with My life and you have pretty much just Topped off what I think I want to do in life. I want to make a difference to the world and it’s perspective of people with Disabilities!! I hope we catch up again soon but for now BROTHER keep doing what your Doing!"

Photo: Cooper Whitestyles