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Bored? Play this game now.


The school holidays are meant to be fun. 

A time when the whole family can get together as one, have a few laughs, eat what ever we want and not even think about work for a while.

If your kids are a little bored like mine have been, try this game out for size.

Finska is a wooden game that from the start looks flat out dumb but I guarantee you, at the end you'll want to play it over and over again.

We played it on Xmas Day at my mates place with about 6 of us and it was brilliant.

There were laughs, tears, yelling and screaming and that was just reading the rules before play.

Grab a set or make your own and get playing, then let us know how you went!

By the way, I won 3-1 and then my team won 4-1. #legends