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Last time your car broke down?


What an eventful week I've had so far.

You know that great feeling when you've done a quick shop which includes frozen vegies, and you quickly run back to the car to drive home and then the car won't start? You know that feeling?

Well it happened to me yesterday. It would not start, and would not even make any noise.

Best part is, one call to RACQ and I was back on my way in less than an hour.

Strange thing is my 18 year old son also had problems with his car but he was a master at getting things done.

He had to call RACQ too, only to be told he wasn't a member, so after paying the money over the phone and then getting the tow truck to help him, then getting another battery put in he was on his way too in less than an hour.

Thing is where would we be without the RACQ? They are life savers.

I just hope when I walk out to my car today that things go well and things start up easily. Fingers crossed.