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I promise this wrapper was full when I last looked

chocolate wrapper.jpg

Have you ever gone shopping and grabbed a few things to make you feel nice late at night?

A bag of chips perhaps, even a few mandarins just to munch on while you watch the late night movie?

I went to the shops and picked up a block of chocolate with the idea of just having a few bits but before I knew it, it was empty and thre wrapper shown is the evidence.

It's happened to me a few times but I guess that's just my resistance isn't as stromng as it should be.

Have you got a food craving that buckles you?

Maybe grab a block of chocolate from The Valley and head down to the Marina and just watch life go by, and have a few bites at the same time.

By the way as the Curtis Ferry goes past, take a photo of your wrapper and send it to me :-)

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