Gladstone School Zone extended

July 18, 2023 9:39 am in by

The school zone in front of Gladstone Central State School has been extended.

Gladstone Central State School’s School Zone will now extend along Auckland Street between
Roseberry Street and the Gladstone Port Access Road overpass.

The 40km/h School Zone speed limit is in effect during school pick-up and drop-off hours (7.30am to
9am and 2.30pm to 4pm), reverting to the urban default of 50km/h outside of these hours, including
weekends and school holidays.

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Gladstone Region Councillor Glenn Churchill says extending the School Zone was in response to
feedback from staff and the P&C at Gladstone Central State School.

“It was highlighted to me that Gladstone Central State School’s frontage was much longer than the
existing school zone,” he says.

“This was resulting in some students being picked up and dropped off outside of the school zone
where the speed limit is 50km/h.

“As a former Queensland Police Officer, I unfortunately know firsthand that every kilometre over the
speed limit can be a killer, so to see an extension of the 40km/h speed zone within this section of
Auckland Street is a great outcome for students, parents, and pedestrians.

“The safety of our children is paramount, and a larger 40km/h footprint during school drop off and
pick up times will provide further safety benefits as opposed to the urban default speed limit of

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