Man rescued after being trapped ‘up to his face’ in grain silo

February 24, 2023 9:00 am in by

A man has been rescued from a grain silo on a property south west of Rockhampton.

It’s understood the 68-year-old man fell inside the silo at around 12.30pm yesterday, at Alberta.

He remained trapped for up to 40 minutes before paramedics were able to free him.

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Queensland Ambulance Service’s Vaughan Mason says it was a difficult operation.

“The patient was submerged in the grain up to his face,” he says.

“The main priority was getting him out of the grain and stopping the grain walls from collapsing in on us at the same time.

“We ended up cutting out the sides of the silo’s, to drain the grain from there, to extricate him.

“It’s very, very heavy, grain … so he was encapsulated we’re guessing for about, 35 to 40 minutes before we were able to free him out.

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“The more we dug out, the more the grain was collapsing around him.

“There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of pressure in these tanks.”

He suffered a leg injury and was taken to Baralaba Hospital, in a stable condition.


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