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Gladstone tap water is ok but?


 So just what does this really mean I supose we just have to wait for more reports about our water here is the latest release. PORT OF GLADSTONE GROUNDWATER VALIDATION RESULTS Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) initiated a voluntary groundwater monitoring program across its three port precincts earlier this year. The preliminary process involved groundwater testing at 27 sites at the Port of Gladstone, with 16 of those returning slightly elevated levels of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS. The levels were evaluated according to the Department of Health’s Recreational Water Guidelines (Commonwealth). Secondary testing was conducted at 20 of the original sites in late May, and confirmed 14 bore holes with PFAS readings above national guideline levels. The groundwater samples taken were not related to town drinking water supplies, nor is there any evidence to suggest town drinking water has been affected. GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan says further investigations will be undertaken. “A groundwater model is currently being developed to help us understand the nature and extent of the issue at the Port of Gladstone,” Mr O’Sullivan said. “This will also assist us in identifying the next steps forward.” The community will continue to receive updates once this occurs, and throughout any future investigations. The Corporation is also continuing to work closely with the Queensland Government throughout this process. For further information on PFAS, visit the State Government website:

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