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Council calls for CQ counterparts to help build case for inland rail Gladstone Region Councillor Glenn Churchill is calling for Central Queensland councils to band together and build a case for the $8.4 billion Inland Rail project to be extended to Gladstone city. Speaking at Gladstone Regional Council’s general meeting on Tuesday, Cr Churchill called for the Central Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils to build a business case advocating the importance of the project coming to Central Queensland and Gladstone city. He also raised the notion of  hosting a summit soon to bring all key stakeholders together to help strengthen the business case. “Many regional leaders and I have been at the forefront of the project for the past 20 years, but with a feasibility study in progress, this is an ideal time for Central Queensland councils to throw their collective weight behind the proposal,” Cr Churchill said. “The results of the feasibility study into extending the inland rail from Melbourne to Brisbane are yet to be released but I have no doubt that the Gladstone Region, Central Queensland and, in fact, the nation would benefit from the line being extended to Gladstone city and our marvellous port to the world.” When calling CQROC to action Cr Churchill also appealed for Council to do what it could to stake a claim for the inland rail’s arrival in Gladstone and build continued prosperity for the Gladstone Region’s future. “I argued that Council should write to State and Federal government and opposition leaders for support of the concept,” he said. “Not only would Gladstone benefit by being a departure and arrival point for international trade, the fact that it would make exports to the lucrative Asian market faster and cheaper is of great benefit to the nation. “The existing route for the Inland Rail proposal could be amended to extend north from Gowrie, near Toowoomba, through Central Queensland and on to Gladstone and I think we have a strong case to support opening nearby mining operations and farming regions to a national rail network.” Fellow Gladstone Region Councillor Rick Hansen this week attended the two-day Inland Rail Conference in Parkes, New South Wales, with Banana Shire Council Mayor Nev Ferrier to learn more about the Melbourne to Brisbane project which is expected to transform the movement of freight in Australia and be operational by 2024.

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