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Oh so Rugged?

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Hey guys! I am taking over MJB’s Blog for this stunning Tuesday! I got to do something quite fun this week. MJ booked himself in for a joyride (something he occasionally does for fun) Luckily for me, he has a broken arm and couldn’t make it. So, I got the pleasure of taking one of the New Hilux Rugged X beasts for a spin on behalf of MJ. This car is total luxury. Combining the best of the rugged 4X4 world with the essentials of today’s modern world. While totally looking the part. What an amazing drive. Something not just for the guys but the ladies. Handles like a dream and from the moment I sat in the driver’s seat I could feel the quality oozing from this well-made off-road dream. This one you see in the pic here has a few extra bells and whistles on it and the ever so helpful Chris gave me the run down on all the goodies. Thanks’ Chris! My vote is a strong plus for anyone considering a new ride. I found it at Bill Robertson Toyota and if you want to check it out head over to now before I buy it myself. Here’s to a fresh new week in ever beautiful Central QLD. Enjoy!

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