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Yes there are jobs out there just ask Vaughn.

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This is todays best news have a read and spread the word Cheers MJB.GEA trainees realising their dreams by securing full time employment Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) trainees are realising their dreams only weeks into their traineeships with 18-year-old Vaughn Sewell securing full-time employment with GEA member and landscaping supplies company, Dirt Cheap. “I was looking for a junior to not only work in the yard but one that was interested in getting qualifications and Vaughn was really keen and showed initiative and I thought he was a good match for Dirt Cheap,” Dirt Cheap managing director Camilo Sabariz said. “We have hired Vaughn as a full time junior employee and he’s now being educated in how the business woks and what our customers want and to complement that he is now working on obtaining his certificate 3 in horticulture.” The GEA traineeships are part of the Queensland Governments, Skilling Queenslanders for Work Project, which focuses on assisting people who are unemployed to connect into employment and offer them a chance to reskill for a new occupation. 28 trainees are participating in the GEA program and have now been working with their community partners around Gladstone for the past six weeks to gain practical experience in the workplace. Mr Sewell had only been a GEA trainee for two weeks before he was employed full time by Dirt Cheap and for the first time since leaving school, Vaughn believes his future is looking bright. “I’m only fresh out of school and I was looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship and the opportunity that GEA gave me has made that dream come true,” Mr Sewell said. “I’m now learning new things and techniques about horticulture every day and I’m learning to drive trucks and operate equipment but most of all I’m now working towards a qualification by doing certificate 3 in horticulture.” GEA projects coordinator Maggie Nightingale said the enthusiasm of trainees like Mr Sewell and the generous support provided by community partners under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program has been truly gratifying. “The focus for all our trainees is to complete their training and secure sustainable employment within the Gladstone region,” Ms Nightingale said. “The focus of the traineeships is to gain qualifications and ultimately full time work in an extremely competitive market so for Mr Sewell to secure work so early in the program really shows how well the traineeships work.” The Skilling Queenslanders for Work project is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government. Funding of $20,000 is available under the Queensland Government’s Youth Boost initiative with payments made directly to the employer of an eligible employee. For more information about GEA traineeships and the Youth Boost initiative contact GEA project coordinator Maggie Nightingale on 07 49729060.

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