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Is this new puppy a need or a want.Better check the want list off.

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A pet dog can bring incredible joy to people’s lives but before making the commitment it’s important to ensure the whole family is on board, prepared and selects a dog that suits their lifestyle. With school holidays around the corner, this is a timely reminder from Dog’s Queensland urging Australian families to carefully consider the lifelong commitment involved in adding a pet to their family. Dogs Queensland Spokesperson, Helen Mackie says that lifestyle considerations and family commitments must come above everything else when selecting a dog breed. “Pet dogs really do bring so much joy, but they can be a lot of work—some more so than others,” says Helen. “It’s important to remember that pet dogs are rarely a good surprise, the whole family needs to do their research and find out what breed suits their family. “For example, if you are allergic to dog hair, then you will need a non-shedding breed. Similarly, someone living in a small apartment or an elderly person probably isn’t going to be well suited to a large, active dog. Not only do dogs require lots of early training and love, they also result in ongoing costs and responsibilities for the owner. “Adding a pet dog to the family is a very personal choice and it’s something we encourage people to take the time to research thoroughly,” says Helen. Dogs Queensland’s top 3 Tips to consider before purchasing a pet dog are below: 1. Is your whole family on board? Surprising someone with a pet who is not ready can be confronting, overwhelming and very expensive. To ensure the pet and the owner live their best lives together, consult the soon-to-be owner before making any commitments on their behalf. 2. Do you have the time? Purchasing a new pet in the lead up to a big family holiday, or a stressful time at work, is a no go. Make sure you are able to dedicate the time and patience to your new pet to ensure a smooth transition for them into your home. 3. Do you have the space? Your living arrangement needs to play a big part in your decision on what breed of dog to choose. Choosing a large dog or one that requires a lot of exercise isn’t suitable for a person or family living in an apartment. Ensure you have the space available to cater for your newest addition.Cheers MjB.

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