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Fire Service Pleads With Community To Stay Out Of Floodwaters Following Rescues

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Northern Region Assistant Commissioner David Hermann said they want the community to help them out by taking precautions during the storm and cyclone season.

He is also asking motorists to steer clear of flooded roads, he said "it's never safe to enter floodwater either in a vehicle or on foot and if it is flooded then forget it".

Assistant Commissioner Hermann recommended coming up with a plan during severe weather, which could see residents wait it out in a safe location.

"We've had two incidents overnight near Charters Towers, just before 8:00PM our crews were called to Bluff Road at Broughton to a vehicle that was stuck in floodwaters"

"Our crews managed to rescue that person from the top of their vehicle using equipment on the fire appliances and we had a second incident at about 10:40PM, crews were called to Southern Cross to reports a car was stuck in floodwater"

"On arrival the person managed to get himself to safety with the help of a passerby but it's two very good examples of how quickly conditions can change in the environment and on the roadway" Assistant Commissioner Hermann said.

"A good thunderstorm can come through, drop rain very quickly and the water can come up and go down just as quick"

Commenting on how serious the situation was for both of these motorists, Assistant Commissioner Hermann said it was "dangerous for them and dangerous for the people who had to go and rescue them, any time that a person is stuck in floodwaters and it's moving water it is a danger to them if they get in a vehicle or on foot and they get swept away there could be debris that you don't know is there and people can get trapped on that and get injured or tragically, lose their life"

Assistant Commissioner Hermann said it was hard to estimate how much the overnight rescues might have cost, but the bigger cost is the injury and loss of life in the community.

But he added that it's far better if crews don't have to respond to people getting stuck in floodwaters in the first place.

He also wouldn't comment on whether or not people who do have to be rescued should be made to pay, saying that would be up to the community.