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Accused Qld murderer tried to hire hitman


A Gold Coast man accused of murdering his wife allegedly discussed luring her to the Philippines to be killed more than a year before she disappeared, a court has heard.

Novy Chardon, 34, went missing on February 6, 2013, amid a divorce dispute with her 71-year-old husband, John William Chardon.

The mother of two's body has never been found and more than six years after she was last seen, Chardon is fighting a murder charge in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

A man Chardon allegedly met via an Asian dating website, Marshall Bari Aguilor, told has told the jury that during a meeting in the Philippines in early 2012 Chardon asked him to kill Ms Chardon.

"He told me she was neglectful with the children and she had a boyfriend," Mr Aguilor said.

Mr Aguilor said Chardon wanted to lure his wife to the Philippines, where she was to be killed.

They also discussed "finding a cliff" and hiding her body in a cave where her remains would eventually be found "so the children find out", he said.

The court heard Chardon told Mr Aguilor if he couldn't carry out the murder personally he should find someone to who could.

"He said, 'If you can find someone I will pay US ten thousand dollars'," Mr Aguilor said.

Chardon also asked Mr Aguilor to buy a gun and complained his wife was only interested in money and wanted half of everything.

The trial continues on Monday when Mr Aguilor will continue giving evidence.

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