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Albo accuses PM of Qld border hypocrisy


Queensland has set a strict benchmark of 28 days clear of unlinked community transmission before NSW residents can visit.

A Sydney nurse tested positive for coronavirus as NSW recorded an additional five locally acquired cases on Friday, increasing the likelihood the strict border clock will be reset and reigniting a war of words between state leaders.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison heaped fresh scorn on Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk this week, questioning if she was "for jobs or not" over her decision to keep the border shut.

Mr Albanese suggested another state with a hard border stance had not been subjected to the same level of scrutiny from the federal government as the Sunshine State.

"If you look at Queensland's economy, as well as Western Australia's, it is a fact that the economies that have been doing the best during this difficult period are ones that have made difficult decisions," the Labor leader told ABC radio on Friday.

"Tasmania's border, they announced a long time ago now, would be closed until the first of December ... and we haven't heard one word of criticism by anyone from the Liberal and National parties about that."

Queensland is in the lead-up to its October 31 election, with the Labor government saying it will open the border in November, depending on how many locally acquired cases NSW has.

Victoria recorded another 11 coronavirus cases on Friday, as the number of active infections in the state fell below 200 for the first time since June 26.

A second straight day without a COVID death kept the national toll at 897.

As Australia's virus numbers trend down, The World Health Organisation reported a record one-day increase in cases (338,700) led by a surge of infections in Europe.

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