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Handmade seat idea benched by Council

A Gladstone local is in a battle to keep a hand-made bench he installed at Tannum Sands in place...after Council deemed it a public liability.
Creator Bart Thompson took to social media to vent this frustration to the person who reported it as dangerous....stating he made the piece (made out of wood and skateboards) for people and dogs to sit on.

Councillor Kahn Goodluck has responded to the issue saying it is a potential liability if someone was to sit on it and it was to break they could potentially sue council/rate payers.

There is a way for Mr Thompson to get this project approved by council though...under the public arts policy.

The chair has since been removed but more than 500 people have signed a Change. Org petition to bring it back. 

seat bench GLA.jpg

Photo: Facebook