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Rockhampton mother to star in the Invictus games

 Rockhampton will be well represented in the swimming at this year's Invictus Games in Sydney.

31-year-old Corporal Taryn Barbara will compete in the 100 and 50 metre freestyle, plus 50 backstroke, breaststroke and a relay.

Taryn, who suffered a back and hip injury in military training, says signing up for Invictus gave her a reason to get moving.

"When I initially injured myself I felt really lost because I'd gone from a really sporting background and fit, and I was finding it hard to be able to do all the things I use to do," she said. 

"I spoke to someone and they suggested I put down my name for Invictus so I had a look at the sports and I thought well at least I can swim.

"So I put my name down, I went to the trials, and I'm fortunate enough to have made it." 

The mother says she had no swimming background and the last time she had lessons was in school! 

"So now I've been getting in the pool four times a week and I'm just trying to work on speed training in the pool and also increase my endurance so I can breathe better," she said. 

Mrs Barbara is still in the army as a physical training instructor, now working in Brisbane. 

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Photo: DoD photo by Roger L. Wollenberg via the website