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D-day for Biloela Tamils to appeal Federal Circuit Court decision

Today is D-day for a Biloela Tamil family who are at risk of deportation back to Sri-Lanka.

Priya and Nades and their two Australian born Daughters had 21 days to appeal a decision made by the the Federal Circuit Court who rejected the family's pleas to stay.

Friend of the family and Biloela resident Angela Fredericks says their lawyers have submitted the necessary paper work in time and a hearing will be set for the end of August.

But they have no indication of what the decision may be.

"We've of course heard nothing from Peter Dutton except for the 'Party Line' of "this family has exhausted all options" however they still have these appeals to do," she said. 

"He has the ability to change all this." 

She says but the more she learns about the situation, about the Tamil people and hearing around our Government's involvement with Sri Lanka, she's disheartened. 

"I'm terrified that our Government is never going to shift on its positon and that has me so incredibly worried for our family because they could be sent back," she said.

"We're continuing to hear reports of the dangers in Sri Lanka for the Tamils." 

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Photo: Angela Fredericks

Ms Fredericks hasn't been able to see them since they were given a brief reprieve from deportation last month but regularly speaks with Priya on the phone.

She says the baby is good but the couple's three year old becomes aggressive when her request to "go home to Bilo" is denied. 

Priya is also needing urgent dental work. 

One of their close family friends, Sid, has managed to pay the family a visit this week though in attempts to brighten their spirits. 





A petition to bring the family home to Central Queensland now has 118,000 signatures.