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BREAKING | Seven Confirmed Cases Of Strawberry Contamination

Queensland Health and Police have provided an update on their investigation into the strawberry contamination saga on Friday.

They said their investigation is progressing but wouldn't go into detail about what they have uncovered so far.

Investigations have confirmed a further three credible cases of strawberry contamination, taking the total to seven.

The additional cases of contamination have affected the Donnybrook brand of strawberries.

In response to the additional cases, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young has requested retailers withdraw all Donnybrook strawberries.

“We are currently working with retailers nationwide to ensure that all Donnybrook stock is removed from sale,” Dr Young said.

“If you have Donnybrook strawberries at home, or are unsure of the brand, you should return them to the store or throw them away.

“For all other brands, our advice remains that you can continue to eat strawberries, but you should cut them up before eating.”

“We are working closely with our local and interstate counterparts as the investigation continues and are committed to keeping the public informed as this progresses.”

The initial brands affected by the contamination, Berry Licious and Berry Obsession, have already been removed from sale and are no longer in market.

Police at Friday's media opportunity said "So there has been a lot of movement and working with our partners, not only Queensland Health, but industry themselves, I'm talking about the farmers themselves and moving into the majors, they're all being very very helpful so we're progressing quite well, just a lot of work to do".

Doctor Young added "we're working very closely with them [the farmers] we're fully aware of the impact this is having on them and we'll continue to work with them, that's important".

Donnybrook, where the investigation is centred, has three farms.

In terms of which farms in Donnybrook were caught up in the saga, Police said "as you would appreciate the reports have only been in the past 24 to 48 hours, so we're working through that at the moment".

Police wouldn't say if they had a suspect in mind at this stage.

Doctor Young said the farms are in a similar geographical area. She said Donnybrook only has one brand, Donnybrook.

She said there have been some hospitalisations "not from any of these but we are following those up".

She said that's why she's been encouraging consumers to cut strawberries before consuming them.

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