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Protesters Target Rockhampton's Planned Drug Rehab Centre


Image By Jlcoving (talk) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

UPDATE | The Palaszczuk Government is being criticised over the location of a drug rehabilitation centre in Central Queensland.

It has been revealed the $14.3 million facility will be built next to a residential estate in the Rockhampton suburb of Parkhurst.

Residents claim the government has not consulted them about the location of the centre and many said they found out about it via social media.

Health Minister Steven Miles said it is unfortunate the information was leaked online before an official announcement could be made.

"It's unfortunate that this information was provided ahead of when it was intended to commence public consultation, that was a shame, I'll leave others to reflect on how that happened and what people's motives are" he said.  

Angry protestors have taken to the streets in Rockhampton on Thursday.  

One woman telling Seven News, the community is upset they weren't consulted properly.

"I just want to make it clear that our community are not opposed to Rockhampton getting an ice rehab centre but we are opposed to it being close to where people's families live, out here is a safe area, it's loaded with families as you can see by the advertising behind, it was marketed at families to buy houses out here" she said.  

EARLIER | The Premier says Queensland will need more drug rehabilitation centres, if the state is to properly address the issue of ice addiction.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has unveiled a new campaign and website, which will encourage drug users to seek help.

She said more help centres are needed, "I know the Federal Government has committed to a new rehabilitation centre in Caboolture but I think we will actually need more across the state and it is something that the Health Minister will continue to work with".

A drug rehabilitation is also being built in Rockhampton.