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Rockhampton Mayor Doubts They'll Get Paid Following JM Kelly Collapse

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The Rockhampton Mayor has labelled the collapse of CQ-based builder JM Kelly Group 'painful'.  

The collapse of the company last year hit the local economy hard with the loss of more than 200 jobs, with creditors owed an estimated $50 million.

A public examination into the collapse is underway in the Federal Court in Brisbane.

Margaret Strelow said Rockhampton Council is even owed cash.  

"There is a portion that is unsecured and that relates to some sandpipe hire and usage and private works and that's around $43,600 and we won't get that" she said.  

Hundreds of subbies are owed cash including five local companies.

"This was a giant company in terms of its footprint in Rockhampton, and the impact has been right across our community, there are tradies who didn't get a proper wage for, you know, for many jobs" Mayor Strelow said.  

A list of creditors obtained by News Corp from ASIC public records:

A#1 Excavating & Construction unknown
ABP Allboards unknown
Abrasiflex unknown
Absolute Waste $36,986.07
Ace Grinding & Saw Service unknown
ACL Welding Supply unknown
ACO Polycrete unknown
Acrow Formwork & Scaffolding unknown
Action Aluminium unknown
Actrol Parts unknown
Adbri Masonry unknown
Adcon Qld unknown
Adnought Sheet Metal unknown
Advanced Exhausts unknown
Air Nav Charter unknown
All Hours Vac Truck unknown
All4Cycling unknown
Altimber Door & Joinery unknown
Amcor Quarries and Concrete $166,436.51
AMPE Sarl South Pacific unknown
Anderson Consulting Engineers $10,230
Angel Signs unknown
AP and JP Winter Pty Ltd $9,208
APEX Electrical & Communication unknown
Aquarius Precast unknown
ARA Fire Protection Services unknown
Architectural Sign Systems Aus unknown
Asbestos Response unknown
ASI JD Macdonald unknown
ASV Sales and Service (Qld) unknown
ATCO Structures and Logistics unknown
ATCO Structures unknown
Atlas Steels unknown
Ausco Modular unknown
Ausnorth Asbestos unknown
Aussie River Turf unknown
Austech Supplies $2,873.56
Austral Masonry unknown
Australian Stainless Distribution $10,417.83
Auto Ingress unknown
AW Distribution unknown
AXIOM Group Investments unknown
B &G McAlister $194,702
Balasong Pty Ltd $6,921.40
Barlow’s Earthmoving $26,846
BCAS Dept unknown
BDR Projects $20,875
Beaneys Communications unknown
Bellingham Marine Australia $333,777.40
Bernie's Tyres unknown
Best Doors Rockhampton unknown
BFB Scaffolding unknown
Big Colour Works unknown
Biloela Caravan and Tourist Park unknown
Biloela Mitre 10 unknown
Blackwoods $8,777.73
Blanco Building unknown
Bluescope Distribution unknown
BOC unknown
Boral CSR Bricks unknown
Boral Resources unknown
Boundary Nurseries $55,351.80
Bowen Hire & Sales $4,129.50
Bowen Industrial Hire unknown
Boyds Bay Landscaping unknown
Brell Concrete Pumping Mackay unknown
Brick N Pave unknown
Brickworks Credit Team unknown
Brightbox Software unknown
BRW Transport unknown
Buddy's Fire Sales & Service unknown
Bullock Industries unknown
Bunnings Building Supplies unknown
Burly's Skip Hire unknown
Butler Partners $14,367
Capricorn Safety unknown
Capricorn Survey Group $51,227
CBA $17,506
Centracorp unknown
Central Combined Group unknown
Central Qld Roofing unknown
Centre State Signs unknown
Century Yuasa Batteries unknown
Charles Porter & Sons $10,314.20
Chewies Tipper Hire $11,250.88
Cirtex Australia Ltd unknown
Classic Ceramics unknown
Cleanaway unknown
Clermont Concrete unknown
CNW Electricial unknown
Coates Hire Operations unknown
Combined Automotive Services unknown
Comlek Group unknown
Commercial Marine Group $158,603
Commscentre Bus Technologies $22,687
Communications Design & Management $72,600
Complete Office Supplies unknown
Construction Sciences Pty Ltd unknown
Construction Specialists Aust unknown
Corporate Initiatives Australia unknown
Cortis Civil & Demo unknown
CQ Brick & Blocklaying $46,232
CQ Crane Hire $21,435
CQ Tec Services unknown
Crane Logistics $18,384.85
CRH Commercial Cleaning Service unknown
Crudens Machinery & 4WD World unknown
CSR Bradford unknown
Cushway Blackford & Associates unknown
CVSG Asset Services unknown
Department of Jobs and Small Business unknown
Department of Environment and Resources unknown
Designtek $12,793.32
Dexion Hendra unknown
Dileigh unknown
Dondarra Concrete $3,506
Down Under Tiling $14,278
Dynamic Concrete Plumbing unknown
Earthmoving Rentals $10,000
East Coast Floor Prep unknown
Empire Ceramics unknown
Endeavour Foundation unknown
ENZED Rockhampton unknown
ET'S Temporary Fencing unknown
Evolution Traffic Control unknown
Exel-Seal $3,127
Fagersta Steels unknown
Fantech unknown
Filter Resources unknown
Finch’s Hardware unknown
Fire Services Qld unknown
Fitzpatrick Constructions unknown
Flexihire $193,568
Flsmidth unknown
Followmont unknown
Frank Sellars & Co unknown
Fusion Air unknown
G & L Dunnet Plasterboard $348,931
Gary Palmers S & N Manufacturing unknown
Geoff Leighton Landscapes unknown
Getinge Australia unknown
Gladstone Blue Bins unknown
Glenmore Palms Motel unknown
Global Fasteners $98,155
Gormans Removals $6,506
Grace Stevenson unknown
Gracemere Plant Hire $7,850
Grainger Contracting $87,355
Greg Thompson Earthmoving $159,392.75
Guttershield Qld unknown
Hanson Construction Materials unknown
Harrison Packaging unknown
Harvey Norman Superstore unknown
Hastings Deering Australia unknown
Haymans Electrical unknown
Hilti Australia unknown
Natalie Maree Hitchen unknown
Holcim Australia unknown
Holcim Concrete Australia unknown
Hufcor unknown
Hume Door & Timber unknown
Ideal Electrical Suppliers unknown
Inspirations 3D unknown
J Blackwood & Son unknown
Jafrul Khandker unknown
Jai-Cor Communication Solution unknown
Janes & Stewart Structures $20,438
JDC Safety Solutions unknown
Jeff Thompson Excavator Hire unknown
Jeffress Advertising unknown
Jetstream Noble Trust unknown
Jim's Machines and Accessories unknown
JJ Richards & Sons $15,026
JM Kelly Builders unknown
John Murphy unknown
JRT Civil $171,346.95
Kanga Bins unknown
Kelair Pumps Australia unknown
Kennards Hire unknown
Ken's Plumbing Plus unknown
Kerb Placers unknown
Kerrod Corfield unknown
Keycut Services unknown
Kone Elevators unknown
Koolrite Constructions unknown
Kylie Rhule $6,391
Lake Fox trading as Rocky’s Own Transport $18,040
Landsdown Services unknown
Lanyonscapes unknown
Laser Plumbing Mackay $190,485
Laser Plumbing Tweed Heads unknown
Lee Crane Hire unknown
Lindsay Baguley Builders $119,217
Livingstone Shire Council unknown
LJ Hooker Bowen unknown
Lowcock Builders unknown
Lowes Petroleum Service unknown
Luke’s Building Supplies trading as Ken’s Plumbing $4,256
Lyndon Agencies unknown
Lyreco unknown
M & M Sand and Gravel unknown
Mackay Concrete Plumping unknown
Mackay Labour Hire $341,484
Mackay Sand and Gravel Sales $1,267
McGrath Properties unknown
Mail Plus unknown
Mark Anderson Sales unknown
MD Tiling and Stone Services unknown
Meales Concrete Plumbing unknown
Manimore trading as Trend Interiors $18,180
Mesh & Bar unknown
Metecno unknown
Metro Masonry unknown
Metroll Roofing unknown
MI Scaffold $110,590 $110,590
Michael Vadasz trading as Australasian Piling Queensland $257,782
Minimalist Home & Styling $10,213
Mitcon Hire unknown
Nardia Plumbing $4,268
Nathan Hagenbach Bricklaying unknown
National Australia Bank unknown
National Galvanising Industrie unknown
National Welding Supplies unknown
NCT Accessories $16,495
Neat One Cleaning $23,575
Newsome’s Tyres Northside unknown
Norman Disney & Young unknown
Norosco unknown
Noteg unknown
Nu-Tank $10,000
Onhire Rentals unknown
Onsite Rental Group unknown
Onsite Rentals $6,232
Ostar Electrical $66,000
Paint & barn $3,332
Parkside Building Supplies unknown
Pierce Control Automation unknown
Pierce Engineering unknown
Pierce Rigging unknown
Pilcher Hardware Mitre 10 $1,187
Pilcher Pre-Mix Concrete unknown
Piretek Rockhampton unknown
Plantability Constructions unknown
Playforce $2,401
Plus unknown
Polyseal Waterproofing unknown
Potholes R Us unknown
Powdercoating unknown
PPSR Department unknown
Precise Power unknown
Precision Engraving Qld unknown
Precise Road Maintenance unknown
Premier Fire $3,526
Puma Energy unknown
Purple Patch Services unknown
Qld Exterior Solutions unknown
Qld Fire and Emergency Services $25,457
Queensland Library Supplies unknown
Queensland Stainless unknown
Queensland Surveying unknown
R&R Equipment Cleaning Services unknown
Rainvale trading as Steeline Roofin Spot $3,964
Ramage Concreting Australia $358,002 - Fraser Coast

Rapid Metal Developments unknown
Razor Cut Concrete Cutting unknown
Reece Australia unknown
Reli Group unknown
RK and PA Tuffs $36,344
RMB Scaffolding $40,588
RMD Australia unknown
RMR Transport unknown
Rockhampton Business Machines unknown
Rockhampton Heavy Towing unknown
Rockhampton Key & Lock $60,405
Rockhampton Mini Mix Concrete unknown
Rockhampton Regional Council $106,099
Rockhampton Tree Services unknown
Royal Wolf Trading Australia unknown
RPS Fire unknown
RTM Engineering unknown
S & W Crane Hire unknown
S & K Donnelly trading as Kyst Engineering $11,580
Safemaster Height Solutions unknown
Safetech unknown
Safetyline unknown
SB Haulage unknown
Schiavello Systems unknown
Schindler Lifts Australia unknown
Scoglio Law unknown
Scuricom unknown
Sekisui Pilon $4,867
Setex Painting unknown
SGS Australia unknown
Shade N Net Australia unknown
Sisleys Office Choice unknown
Skill Centred Queensland Con unknown
Skyreach unknown
SOS Concrete Constructions $226,350
Speciality Fasteners unknown
Stanley Electrics Contracting $2,953
Statewide Bitumen unknown
Steelspan (Qld) unknown
Storm Scaffolding unknown
Stramit Building Products unknown
Street Furniture Australia $39,670
Supagas unknown
Storepipe unknown
Tanners Bitumen & Asphalt $18,500
Temporary Fence Hire unknown
Termi Mesh Mackay unknown
Terrascan unknown
The Easylift Group $10,758
The Trustee for the DJ Maccormick Family unknown
Rocky Water $30,605.40
Tomy Waite Trading as Kerb Rton unknown
Total Post Tensioning unknown
Toth Engineering $82,703 - permanently closed
Townes Water Proofing unknown
Tradelink Plumbing Supplies unknown
Troy Weier Tree Service unknown
Truckline Parts & Service unknown
Turrish trading as MWF Plumbing unknown
Ullrich Aluminium unknown
Ultimate Flooring Xtra unknown
Universal Cranes Townsville unknown
Urban Play $41,041
Vanderfield unknown
Videopro unknown
WA & LH Edwards $12,001
Wade Michael Mann unknown
Walmay Architectural Products unknown
Wood & Wood Sign Systems unknown
Wurth Australia unknown
Yeppoon Metal Industries unknown
Zip Heaters Australia unknown
ZMJ Projects $20,051 unknown

Hearings started on 8 August and are expected to continue until at least the end of this month.

By Michelle Price