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Gladstone Ports Corp Coy On Legal Action


Image By LBM1948 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Gladstone Ports Corporation has reacted to claims that it has failed to have a class action against it and involving 150 fishing industry members, knocked on the head.

A GPC spokesperson was commenting on the class action relating to the Western Basin Dredging Project. 

The spokesperson said "As the matter now continues before the Court, we respect the integrity of the process and therefore believe it is not appropriate to make public comments at this time".

"It is important to understand that two previous class actions have been denied by the courts and Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) will continue to vigorously defend proceedings in relation to the 2010/11 dredging operation.

"We remain focused on maintaining jobs and prosperity for Queensland through the safe and effective operation of the Gladstone Port" the statement concluded.  

News Corp is reporting that more than 150 people (fishers) from Queensland and New South Wales - from Bowen to Sydney including Keppel Bay and Stanage Bay operators - are seeking up to $150 million for damages.

They are claiming dredging works, carried out by GPC in 2010/11, resulted in negative water quality, poor fish health and decreased fish numbers and therefore impacting businesses along the east coast.