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Beacon Search Conducted In Central Qld

A search has been launched after an EPIRB was activated near Port Alma in the Rockhampton region.  

The  RACQ Capricorn Rescue crew left base at 8:00 PM on Sunday and travelled to Casuarina Creek.

When they got to their destination they found a small aluminium dinghy anchored in the middle of the river with three occupants, a man and two small children.

The crew reported that there didn’t appear to be any immediate danger, so a Rescue Crew Officer was dropped on the bank of the river to speak to the man and establish just why he activated his beacon.

The vessel operator advised he had a flat battery and was unable to make it back to the mother vessel, 400 meters away.

He was advised that, Queensland Police would be notified of his location and to wait until further help arrived.

Rescue 300 crew advise that if you’re going out in a vessel, it would be wise to carry appropriate communications i.e radio and mobile telephone.

Deploying the helicopter on such tasks can be avoided if you’re able to answer your phone and or ring for the correct assistance.