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Scammers doing the rounds locally


 Reports of door-to-door scammers attempting to rip off Central Queensland residents.
The office of Fair Trade has seen an increasing number of con artists targeting vulnerable home owners during the coronavirus crisis.
There have been 14 reports of Bitumen Bandits across Queensland since lockdown began in March, including four across the Rockhampton and Gladstone region. 
The common con sees scammers going door-to-door, telling residents they have asphalt or bitumen leftover from a nearby job and offering to sell it at a heavily reduced cost.
Spokesperson Roberty Brumm said we shouldn't feel bad about saying no to any offer that sounds a bit dodgy. 
"You don't have to buy, agree to anything or sign anything if you are approached by a salesperson at your door," Mr Brumm said. 
"Don't let your politeness stop you from shutting the door and walking away."