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Visitors flock back to Rockhampton Zoo



The Rockhampton Zoo has reopened a little earlier than expected, with locals flocking to the school-holiday favourite over its first few days back in action.

Zoo curator Liz Bellward said the facility traditionally gets about 300-400 visitors through the gates on a Monday, but a whopping 1,100 turned up this week, after the zoo reopened on Saturday.

Ms Bellward said it was great news for the zoo and its keepers, who have been working hard to protect the animals during the COVID-pandemic.

"Chimpanzees in particular, their DNA is so similar to humans, they can catch anything that we can catch so our keepers who looked after that round of animals, all the exotics, had to wear masks and gloves."

Ms Bellward said the animals also welcomed visitors back with open arms and wings.

"We have got a couple of hand-reared chimps who love the public so they were very excited when they had people they could go and talk to through the glass again.

"Our three blue-and-gold Macaws are ex-pets who love all the attention".

A couple of changes have been made at the facility.

Social distancing rules must be adhered to and there will be no feeding-times or keeper walks while restrictions are in place.