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Flu cases drop in CQ as peak season approaches



The vigilant COVID-hygiene practises of Central Queenslanders might be leading to a drop in flu cases.

The latest Queensland Health statistics report there has been around 40 per cent less flu cases across the Central Queensland public health network, with 236 cases so far compared to 423 this time last year.

Dr Jon Harper from the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN said it could could be down to social distancing.

"It kind of makes sense that if we are not hanging around as close to people and we're washing our hands regularly that we'll be less likely to pick up those non-corona viruses that are a usual part of life," Dr Harper said.

"Since the COVID pandemic began, there's been a much greater interest in people getting their influenza vaccine."F

Dr Harper said Queensland is just at the beginning of its peak flu season.

"There's a general rule, we see the number of cases climbing from mid-July and then really start climbing through August and start tapering off towards the end of September," Dr Harper said.