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CQU grads more likely to land jobs


Regional university students have scored highly for graduate jobs compared to those in the city.
The latest report card has found that figures for Central Queensland University saw 73 percent of its graduates walking into a full-time work despite the COVID downturn. 
CQU Professor Helen Huntley says it's no surprise. 
"We've always had a keen eye on the profession and the industry into which our students will graduate and work and really being attuned to what's needed to be a successful profession in those areas," she says.
"Those students who do their studies in the regions not just at our university but more generally across regional unis ,do their studies, have their placement they stay on and they stay and contribute to the profession."
Professor Huntley also says a lot of their students choose to stay in regional areas. 

"It's really difficult for a lot of regional, rural and remote areas to attract graduates from the city, so we are really proud to be able to deliver a fabulous contributing workforce in our own backyard."