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Early voting popular in mayoral by-election


Rockhampton voters are making the most of being able to cast their ballots early in the mayoral by-election as polling day draws closer.

More than 6,000 people have already had their say on who becomes leader, just three days after early voting opened.

And a further 6,000 out of the 55,800 people living in Rockhampton have opted to vote via the post.

Queensland's electoral commissioner Pat Vidgen says postal votes must be completed before 6pm on election day.

“Early voting is a growing trend in elections and even in regional by-elections, voters are choosing an option that best suits their needs," Mr Vidgen says.

“The ECQ will undertake a preliminary count of all available early, postal, telephone and election day votes on election night, with the official count beginning on the following day, Sunday."

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With 17 candidates sticking up their hand for the hotly-contested job, people are being encouraged to vote early.

The candidates include Russell Claus, Tony Williams, Bronwyn Laverty-Young, Leyland Barnett, Shane Latcham, Christian Sheperd, Dominic Doblo, Remy McCamley, Donna Kirkland, Cherie Rutherford, Rob Crow, Christopher Davies, John Rewald, Brett Williams, Miranda Broadbent, Chris Hooper (Pineapple) and Nyree Johnson.