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Gladstone crocodile investigation


Investigations are continuing after a croc was reportedly spotted at a Tannum Sands boat ramp. 
Wildlife officers have conducted a spotlight survey of the area at Ibis Park after the apparent sighting on Monday
Warning signs have also been installed and wildlife officers will continue to monitor the area over the next few days. 
Meanwhile locals are being urged to remain croc wise as Gladstone is know Croc Country. 
Fishers are reminded to properly dispose of fish scraps, never discard them at boat ramps and to stand back from the water’s edge when fishing.
Obey all warning signs and be aware crocs also swim in the ocean and be extra cautious around water at night
Department of Environment and Science is asking members of the public to report crocodile sightings as soon as possible by calling 1300 130 372 or using the Croc Watch App.