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Kids head to the classroom today to tackle NAPLAN


 Local students in grades three, five, seven and nine will sit the annual NAPLAN test this week.
The test provides a snapshot of student's reading, writing, language and numeracy skills
CQUni lecturer Cassy Dittman says many kids out there could be feeling a little nervous, anxious or stressed which is completely normal. 
"They can actually use that anxiety for good," Ms Dittman says.
"Anxiety is actually very helpful for us because it tell ours brain to switch on and turn on and get ready to do something exciting and important." 
She also says parents can help their children get control of their feelings by perhaps sharing a story of a time when they were feeling something similar. 
However, Ms Dittman believes it may be time to revisit the NAPLAN tests and the stress it places on students and teachers.
"This sort of full-scale standard testing is tricky and challenging," Ms Dittman says. 
"There is some really good and important information that comes out of it, for schools and government department, and it does help make really import decisions about schools who might need extra support and funding.
"But there may be other ways that that can be achieved with out having to put all children though this, in such a way that can cause a lot of stress for children, teachers, parents and schools.
"So I think it might be time for them to start exploring different ways and strategies, that this really rich and important information can be collected in a way that is actually constructive for children."