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Rockhampton records driest month in 50 years


A lack of rain in Rockhampton has seen it record its driest month since 1970.

Zero millimetres of rain has been recorded in the region for May.
Meteorologist Matt Marshall says the last time the month has been close to being this dry was more fifty years ago.
"We didn't see any rainfall in Rockhampton for May in the gauge at the airport there, it's actually the first time that has happened," Mr Marshall says.
"The last closet we've got was in 1970 I believe where we saw 0.3mm at the Rocky Airport, so this is the first time we've actually seen nothing in the month of May."
There is some good news for the region, a higher than average rainfall is on the cards for winter. 
"The climate outlook is suggesting a wetter than average winter, for most of the state actually, so there's a good chance that we are likely to see above median rainfall."