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Callide power station comeback continues


A second generator has returned to operation at a Central Queensland power station, following an explosion that sparked major outages across the State.

Unit B2 was brought online this week, the second of four units that had been offline since the incident at Callide Power Station on May 25th.

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni says it's another important milestone for the Callide workforce and community.

“On the day we mark four weeks since Callide C went down, two of four units are now back online,” Mr de Brenni said.

“It is an incredible achievement and testament to the professionalism of CS Energy employees and contractors, that this has been done so safely and quickly.

In their latest update, CS Energy report Unit C3 is due to return to service on July 2nd.

Mr de Brenni says the safety of the workforce remains the top priority.

“Like we saw with unit B1 last week, B2’s output will be safely and gradually ramped up to its full capacity over the next 48 hours," Mr de Brenni says.

“The focus then remains on unit C3, which is due back online next month.”

Image: CS Energy