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Pandemic prompts baby boom in CQ


Central Queensland are reporting a bit of a baby boom, with 2021 seeing about 15 more bubs being delivered each month compared to usual.

Rockhampton hospital would see an average of 110 births a month last year, though this has risen to 125 for 2021.

Maternity Unit Manager Vickey Blachford says it could be down to a number of reasons.

"I think people are deciding because they can't travel, they are going to start their families maybe sooner," Ms Blachford says.

"People are relocating to the area that weren't here pre-COVID.

"All in all it probably is down to COVID in some way or another."

Ms Blachford says Rockhampton is heading towards it's yearly peak.

"September is always the busiest month for babies, nine months after Christmas and New Years festivities.

"So October potentially we'll have hit last years births for the year."

But it seems Rockhampton Hospital is not alone in the rise.

"In general all of Queensland is feeling a bit of a boom," Ms Blachford says.

"So midwives are very sought after across Queensland at the moment."