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Break ins rise across Capricornia


The number of home break ins across Central Queensland has seen a rise, hitting its highest rate in over a year.

The Capricornia region recorded 111 cases of unlawful entry of dwellings for the month of August according to the latest police crime statistics, a rise from 73 cases in July.

It's the highest monthly total for the region since February 2020.

Capricornia Superintendent Glen Pointing says there is a local group of young re-offenders.

"A core group of recidivist young offenders that from time to time commit these types of offences ... we've probably got somewhere between 10 and 20," Superintendent Pointing says.

"We work hard to identify who they are and where possible, we work with other agencies to try and look at the causes behind those sort of reasons for offending and see what we can do to prevent it."

Superintendent Pointing says you also tend to see "those sorts of people to break into homes and steal motor vehicles".

"As difficult as it is it's a good idea when you're not at home, or even when you are at home, to hide your car keys away to try and make it more difficult if those offences occur," Superintendent Pointing says.

"We monitor these sort of incidents on a daily basis so people can be assured that our focus really is on community safety so we do everything we can in that regard."