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Around a dozen cyclones predicted this storm season


More tropical cyclones and lows than usual could form off the Queensland coast this summer.

The Bureau of Meteorology has released its annual Severe Weather Outlook, predicting an average, to slightly above average cyclone season.

In a normal year, around 11 tropical cyclones are recorded with four generally crossing the coastline, but Senior climatologist Greg Browning says warmer than average seas around northern Australia this year, may lead to increased activity. 

"The last two seasons we saw below average tropical cyclone numbers," Mr Browning says. 

"This season, the outlook is suggesting there's a good chance we'll see average or slightly above average."

Mr Browning says we can also expect more tropical lows.

"They are lows that perhaps form and don't make it to Tropical Cyclone strength, or they move over land before they develop to Tropical Cyclones and they can generate a lot of rainfall.

"So we can have damaging winds as well as wide-spread flooding with those," he says.

The Bureau of Metrology has also flagged the first rains of the northern wet season will arrive earlier than usual.

Image credit: NASA/NOAA