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Students set to sit NAPLAN


There may be a few nerves as students prepare to sit the annual NAPLAN test this morning.
Students in years three, five, seven and nine will tackle the literacy and numeracy tests from today, which for the first time is being delivered online. 
CQUniversity Professor Ken Purnell believes the shift away from paper could benefit students.
"For a number of students they will really appreciate it because they are quite skilled in their keyboard skills and other skills that they need to be able to do it online for some of them and did find that handwriting and other things are more difficult," Professor Purnell says. 
"Hopefully the technology will stay together." 
Professor Purnell also says if students are feeling anxious or nervous about sitting the test, there are a  number of ways student's can cope with the stress. 
"What I personally do when I walk into a test is say 'I am now going to do the best that I can and I am going to show them what I can do not what I can't and I am actually going to practise my deep breathing and other things I have done before so I can calm myself," Professor Purnell says.