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Dust storm covers outback Qld town

An outback Queensland town has been covered by dust in a storm that turned the sky orange.

Photos and videos posted on social media show the severity of the storm that hit Charleville with dust, blanketing the rural town on Tuesday afternoon.

Charleville resident Bec Brayley rushed to shut her home when the dust started circling.

"It's been blowing for a couple of hours now," Ms Brayley told AAP.

"We've closed up everything and are just watching the show now."

Ms Brayley said her sheds, which could normally be seen from her front gate, had disappeared from sight and were now full of dirt.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area, with potential for dangerous winds.

"There's been some exceptional winds that have led to the significant dust," Senior Forecaster Michelle Berry told AAP.

Ms Berry said the dry conditions around Charleville allowed the dust to be gathered and swept up across the town during the gusty winds.

Wind gusts were recorded at 96km/ph with visibility recorded at just 200 metres at the airport during the height of the storm.

Visibility has since increased to 8km, while Ms Berry says it's hard to say when the dust should completely clear.

"It depends on the stability," she said.

Ms Berry said it was a "localised storm" meaning it's less likely to become as large as the large dust storm Australia saw in 2009.

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