Senate Committee Recommend Four-Day Work Week For Aussies

March 14, 2023 9:37 am in by
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We could very soon be getting a national trial of a four-day work week, where the results would show if and how it improves our lives and allows primary caregivers more time away from the office.

A parliamentary committee recommended a federal government backed trial based on the “100:80:100” model, where employees maintain 100% of their salary and 100% productivity but only work 80 percent of the working week.

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The trial would be spread across multiple industries and conducted in partnership with a selected Australian university.

The trial has already been conducted around the world and selected Australian companies and the results have been a huge success with reports finding that productivity improved and employees reported better work-life balance, health and wellbeing.

The trial would also restrict employers from contacting employees outside of work hours, only in an emergency situation.

Committee chair and Greens senator Barbara Pocock said that we (Australia) are an international outlier in terms of supporting workers with caring responsibilities.

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“We have slipped too far behind,” Senator Pocock said.

“And we are paying a price in labour supply, stressed workers and gender inequality.”

She went onto say that the trial could could allow greater flexibility and could actually improve productivity.


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