Twisties New ‘Fusion Flavour’ ‘Chickeese’ leaves Customers Divided!

May 7, 2024 1:28 pm in by

The snack giant PepsiCo has just rolled out the latest Twisties flavour fusion, ‘Chickeese’ – a daring mix of chicken and cheese flavours in one single bag! This innovative (and lets be honest, obvious) snack mash-up is currently hitting shelves, but some Aussies are less than impressed. While some snack lovers are excited about the convenience of enjoying two beloved flavours at once, others are calling it a snack-anastrophe.

The creation of Twisties Chickeese answers the age-old dilemma for those indecisive snackers who struggle to choose between chicken and cheese.“We believe Twisties Chickeese is the future of snacking and the future of the brand… and we can’t wait to hear what Aussies think.” a Twisties representative excitedly shared with

Yet, amidst this snacking revolution, not everyone is convinced. The internet has been buzzing with speculation, with some suggesting the flavour combination was the result of a happy accident at the factory. Despite the mixed reviews, there’s a growing curiosity about Twisties Chickeese, with many Aussies keen to add it to their snack rotation. “Can’t wait to try this out,” posts one enthusiast online, whilst others build bigger dreams, “Imagine mixing in Burger Rings too.”

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Twisties has a history of pushing the flavour envelope, with previous creations like Spicy Ramen and Twisted Raspberry captivating taste buds across the country. Will Chickeese become the new favourite among the adventurous Aussie snackers? Only time and taste buds will tell.